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Book/Arts in Sacramento?

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I am trying to do some research as to whether there are any book arts
happenings in the Sacramento, CA area. I don't necessarily mean any
exhibitions that are going on at this time, but I am wondering if there is a
book arts community in Sacramento. Are there any book arts groups that meet
regularly? Are there any classes being offered? Are there any good art/paper
supply stores?

I am also curious about the general state of "art in Sacramento" (or is this
an oxymoron??? :). I just finished reading an article in the Sacramento News
and Review about how for a good ten years now there has been a movement to
make Del Paso Blvd. into an arts district, but that it has proven very
unsuccessful and that the movement is essentially a failure. A quote that
sums it up: "As long as Sacramento continues to think that cable TV is high
culture, itís going to be a bad town for art appreciation." -- not very

I am not very familiar with the Sacramento area, and will be interested to
hear if anybody has observations/opinions.

Thank you,

Also, yes, I realize Sacramento is "just" a two hour drive away from San
Francisco -- a great book arts town; but do you really have to go that far
for little bit of book arts culture???

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