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Workshop vacancies: From the Garage Annex School for Book Arts, Easthampton, MA

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 From the Garage Annex School for Book Arts, Easthampton, MA

There are a few spots left in Mark Tomlinson's The Unbearable Beauty of
Vellum workshop. Mark is a generous, thoughtful, and spirited teacher, and we
are excited to offer this workshop. Please phone Daniel Kelm if you are
interested: 413-527-8044. Or email: Foliotrope@aol.com

The Unbearable Beauty of Vellum
Instructor: Mark Tomlinson
August 13-17 (Mon.-Fri.)   $375 plus $125 materials fee

"Vellum is certainly one of the most seductive, over-the-top,
knock-dead-beautiful materials in all the history of bookmaking." (Please
forgive Mark's understatement.) Remarkably, vellum is one of the most durable
materials as well. These two qualities--beauty and durability--contribute to
its vaunted status. In this introductory class, we will touch upon (1) the
history of vellum in bookmaking, (2) how it is made, and (3) where to acquire
it. Looking at examples--including a visit to the rare book room at Smith
College--we will discuss and study the many ways it can be creatively

There will be time for playful experimentation in this class--a great
antidote to any feelings of intimidation you may harbor around vellum. Though
emphasis will be placed on coloring vellum with dyes, we will also explore
simple techniques for punching, cutting, scarifying, embossing, painting, and
writing on vellum. No doubt, participation in this workshop will add
enormously to your vellum vocabulary.

The pieces of vellum that you dye and manipulate will be used to cover three
of your five books--which feature three different structures. (1) Our first
structure will be a quarter vellum long stitch with paste paper over board
covers. You will begin by making a copy with plain vellum, then graduate to
making a second copy using your dyed vellum. (2) The second structure will be
a true non-adhesive binding--featuring a full limp vellum cover cleverly
folded around the text, and exposed tapes on the front cover. Again, you will
begin by making a copy with plain vellum, and then practice your new-found
skills by making a second copy using your manipulated vellum. (3) Our final
book will be a full limp vellum with a unique, exposed sewing pattern on the
spine, a fore edge flap, and a clasp (this is the same binding Mark taught
two years ago in Limp Vellum: These Books Aren't Hard, but the sewing pattern
and the dyeing technique are different).

A great deal of information will be shared in handouts, and the examination
of many examples will inspire new ideas. In the end, we fully expect you to
be as enamored with this remarkable material as is Mark.

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