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problematic gesso+lacquer cover

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Dear list-friends,

Thank you indeed for your advice on the conservation problem with
lacquered cover of a book I have. Let me add that I am quite puzzled by
this cover: all 4 outer and inner sides display the same decoration,
namely a full spray of flowers. Being an Islamic prayer book and held
often by hand, or exposed more to the light, the external plates must
have faded so that, at one point, someone has decided to turn the
brighter insides out. Furthermore, the 'new look' cover was attached to
the body of the text with a scalloped light brown leather strip. It
would have been helpful if people noted down those alterations they made
and when .. and where ..

I shall write directly to those experts who responded to me earlier but
in the meantime, I wish to ask another question; which kind of lacquer
would you preferably use on an Islamic book which dates from ca. 1650?

Doing some bibliographic research on the internet, I found this article:

Wachter, Otto.  'The restoration of Persian lacquer bindings',
                 Allgemeiner Anzeiger fur Buchbindcterein 72 (1959),
                 pp. 349-352.

It might be useful to read if I can get hold of it. As it has been said,
there doesn't seem to be much literature on the subject. Kind regards,

Rezan Peya Gökçen,

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