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Caslon typefoundry access problems

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Much to my embarrassment there was a problem earlier today accessing the =
H. W. Caslon website, apparently caused by something going awry at our =
ISP's end of things -- it would be nice to think that it had something =
to do with a rush on Caslon Old Face, but was more likely a problem with =
file permissions. The ISP's a Norwegian company, with offices in Norway, =
Holland, and England,  and wonderfully pleasant, helpful, staff -- who =
happen to clock off at about 6 p.m. their time. So much for the global =
24/7 e-business we've been trying to become since Wednesday!

I thought that the problem had been fixed, but then discovered new =
problems (after 6 p.m., our time). I'm now somewhere between 8 per cent =
and 80% sure that the problem has been fixed (Motto: If you can't do it =
yourself, don't do it.) but please let me know if you are still =
experiencing problems accessing the site -- http://www.hwcaslon.com

Justin Howes

H. W. Caslon and Co (http://www.hwcaslon.com (when it works!))

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