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Caslon etc

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On the narrow question of swashes, some may be interested to know that there
is a full set of Caslon Italic Swashes in Esselte Letraset Adobe Type 1, and
they mix very well with other Caslons (and indeed, used with discretion,
with 17C Record Print and Baskerville MT).  And Poetica Roman Small Caps and
Alternate aren't even italic!


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From: "Justin Howes" <jhowes@jhtyp.co.uk>
Reply-To: "Justin Howes" <jhowes@jhtyp.co.uk>
To: "Mike Sweetmore" <msweetmore@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Caslon typefoundry access problems
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 14:35:03 +0100

For those who don't know Caslon Old Face, only the swash italic J Q T and Y
were designed by Caslon. In the 1880s the Caslon foundry decided to add a
limited range of swash characters to the italic fonts, specifically: A B C D
E G K M N P R V, all of which had been used in sixteenth and seventeenth
century printing, and which Caslons copied from an italic by Francois Guyot,
and also added plain forms of J Q T Y.

Various twentieth century typefounders added an even greater range of swash
caps -- ATF had a complete abc. My basic font just includes the swash forms
designed by Caslon, but all the other forms are in an the italic extension
font supplied with the pack. You don't pay extra for it!

Mike wants S, H and L, which Caslons never offered, not even in the dark
days of the nineteenth century (and which digital Caslons aren't going to
start offering, at least not in public) and he also wants variants on M and
N, which Caslons did do, but not very well. He's in good company: as long
ago as 1929 Norman Ierson Parley criticised the swash M, saying 'its front
leg is surely Victorian and its back leg 1720'.

Access problems seem to be sorted, though there may be a problem with
Netscape 6?

Justin Howes
7 Crabb Street, Rushden, Northamptonshire NN10 0RH, UK
Telephone / fax 01933 419 477

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