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Bookbinding Hisory question

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Dear Bookfriends-
I have a question for those who know much more than I do about the
history of
bookbinding. I just saw the movie Quills, which, many friends suggested
I see for the Marquis outfit full of writing but this is what caught my
There's a scene where the doctor's young bride pulls out the text block
of benign
 poetry and takes the x-rated book of illegal writings and re-cases
 it into the cover from the poetry book.

Was this type of case binding done in France in the 1800's -when
the movie takes  place. I thought case binding was a structure that did
exist by not
widely used until the industrial revolution. Yeah, I know its a movie, but
it caught my attention and was curious.

Does anyone know? Thanks much.
Miriam Schaer

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