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Re: Double sided ink jet paper

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I just used Great White Premium 100% acid-free paper to print a book on an
Epson SC580. There's very little show-through, but because of the dense
humidity here in Cancun, the paper becomes quite soft and must be handled
very carefully to avoid wrinkles and dents.

The results are beautiful, though, even at 360 dpi. I like the inkjet output
better than laser printer because it's a bit softer and looks much more like
offset. Color printing is not very good, but gray scale is just about

Avery has a double-sided coated paper. It's quite expensive, but I would
have used it had I known it existed (because I would have been able to
integrate color photographs), although I'm not sure about its archival
qualities. You can find this paper by entering the following search terms:
Avery inkjet coated paper

I saw one seller who had substantial discounts on this paper, but
unfortunately failed to note the URL.

> From: Norman Sasowsky <norsky@UDEL.EDU>
> Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 09:17:06 -0400
> Subject: Double sided ink jet paper
> Great White, until recently, made an excellent paper which could be
> printed equally well on both sides of the paper....
> Does anyone know of a similar paper that can deliver high image resolution
> on both sides?

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