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finishing tools

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I have what looks like a full box of these, never been used, about
24-point, Palatino (I think). These are short shanked unlike others I
have seen. Wood is unfinished, workmanship level does not seem that
high. Don't know if the brass is brass or some kind of coating. I
haven't looked at these in a while. Have other binding stuff too, no
clue as to what it all is used for, all came from the same source when I
bought out a hobby printer.

I have no idea what this stuff is worth, or whether or not I even want
to sell it, but I certainly do not need it. Just wondering what it is
and who made it. I believe I checked it out once and TALAS was selling
these? Didn't seem cheap nor worth what they were asking.

So I guess if there are any local binders interested and want to come
over and take a look I'd be interested in talking it over. I'm in Los
Angeles (Marina del Rey).

Gerald Lange
Bieler Press

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