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Re: Double sided ink jet paper

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Hmmm. seems that my favorite 2-sided inkjet paper (Sharprint) is no longer in
the Office Depot catalog.  However, they are now carrying Kodak Premium
Inkjet paper (cat 209-955-257) that has a matte coated finish on both sides
for 2-sided printing. If it is anything close to the other Koday inkjet
papers that I've tried it should be outstanding. Not cheap. It's $15 for 100

By the way, if anyone else out there has a HP 4000 printer that has developed
code 13 paper jams be sure to check out FixYourOwnPrinter.com  They have a
feed roller rebuild kit for $24.99 that can't be beat. -Took longer to read
the instructions than to install the new rollers- and now my HP4000 is back
to working like it did when new.  The previous rebuild cost me over $500 and
getting a replacement 4100 would be over $2000!

I've also found that the Office Depot rebuilt toner cartridges (4127X) are
good quality and haven't seen a failure yet.

With the cheaper toner and a new less expensive binding (if anyone is
interested let me know) I'm now producing 250-page high-quality hardbound
books for about $8 in materials each.

I've produced a thousand plus books with the Unibind covers but my supplier
(NW Challenges) finally turned me onto these new coverrs that do not have the
steel backing like the Unibind. Using a crimper machine ($100), it is
possible to make near perfect book everytime and they have a fine surface
finish that takes hot-foil stamping work perfectly.  At only $3.50 each in
quantity, they are a bargain compared to the Unibind.

DT Fletcher

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Air Rifle Co. and every airgun model produced from 1899 - 1999.
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company and people who made it.

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