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Re: about limited editions

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Edi Klingner wrote:

> What is the standard for making changes in a second edition of a limited
> edition book?  Fortunately, the first edition of 100 is almost gone and
> we are thinking of changing the cover paper and text paper for a second
> run. Would like to know the book etiquette from all you experts on this
> list.  thanks in santa fe.  edi


Personally, I think that there shouldn't be a "second edition" of a
"limited edition".

The idea with a limited edition is that it is "limited" and that is
partly what makes your customers feel pleased, along with the choice or
art, fine papers, fine binding etc. If you feel a need to print a second
edition you probably shouldn't have offered it to the market as a
limited edition, or printed a larger limited edition in the first place.
It is my view that a "limited edition" and a "second edition" of the same
are two concepts that can not co-exist in harmony.

Just my two cents.

Mats Broberg
Hauptvägen 102
SE-123 58 Farsta — Sweden
Telephone: +46 8 604 59 81

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