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Re: unopened pages

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Thanks to all who offered clarifications and suggestions.

The issue came about after I found two dozen beautiful old butter knives
(the broad non-serrated style that have rounded ends) in the $.05 bin (gotta
love it!) at my favorite thrift store. I've used this style knife before as
a gift for book arts friends - they make great paper knives. But with this
many knives, I figured a project was in order.

So, I made some paper in 11" x 14" sheets, and folded them octavo so that
the finished gatherings are 3.5" x 5.5". They were then sewn together into
leather bound journals and left unopened. The finished presentation has the
blank journal, which has my press name gold foil printed very small across
the top of the spine, one of the knives tied to the book with a vintage
looking ribbon and a little folded booklet slipped under the ribbon with
some background and illustrated instructions on how to use the paper knife
to open the signatures (along with a basic "Don't go pokin' your eye out"
note...) I just delivered them to the gallery gift store yesterday - we'll
see if they are too complex for the general public to figure out or if
people are too afraid to actually tear the paper. It's such a challenge to
instill buyers with the confidence to engage with the books sometimes. I'm
going to have to sell the journals in order to afford the new reference
books I now realize I need!

Anyway, the historical overview was boiled down to a 2" x 2" paragraph -
thanks to all who contributed information.

Best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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