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leather bleed through question

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I recently purchased a Russell Oasis skin to use for a 25th wedding =
anniversary journal gift. I have since been told to work around the =
large logo stamp on the underside of  the skin as it bleeds through to =
the front when glued up. I have talked to two people this happened to =
and someone who knows a third person this happened to, all are Russell =
skins. As a novice bookbinder, I am rather leery and not sure what to do =
other than concede a sizeable chunk of the skin to "never be used/learn =
from experience" bin. Heretofore,  I have used Harmatan and had no =
problems. I was in a time pinch, it was the color I knew my husband =
wanted, so I bought it. I have enough to make his book and several =
miniature books but I would have liked to make a matching one for me... =
but I don't want to do all that work only to have the stamped logo bleed =
through. I went looking on the web for Russell but did not find =
anything. Anyone have any suggestions?

Where Austin is having a cold spell... it's staying under 100!

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