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New to List, Hi from Milton

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G'day all,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Milton Watkins and
I live in a Town called Ballarat in the state of Victoria, right down the
bottom right hand side of a map of Australia, we are about 1 hours drive
west of Melbourne or 10 hours drive south of Sydney.

I am a bookbinder by trade I'm 36 and have been a bookbinder
since I left school at 16. Have worked in many printing companies in my
career and in 1995 started to set up my own business, in February 1999
I opened my shop and do plenty of restorations and custom bindings, foil
printing and letterpress printing.

A couple of months ago I took possession of an 1857 Albion Iron
Handpress and about 500 or so pieces of wooden type plus a paper
cutter (my second one), I also picked up a 1927 C&P treadle
platen with two cabinets of foundry type, and a Heidelberg platen,
all these presses are currently on display in the front of my shop.
(except for the Heidelberg)
One day when I get time, I will have a play around with the presses
and try my hand at printing. Fortunately I have a few Ludlow's
and about 200 mats to choose from so this will be handy to use with
the presses.

I run the shop on my own, I have two little kids and once they begin
school my wife will be helping me here, its hard to believe that 5 years ago
I started out in a little garden shed 8 feet square.

I have a web site www.bookbinding.com.au so if you would like to visit
be my guest, it isn't quite finished yet I just bought a Digital Camera and
I am taking a lot of before and after photos of my work, so I will ad these
to my website soon.

I hope to be able to contribute to this list and I am always learning so I
will have many questions to ask also.

Thanking you for the time that you have taken to read this.


Milton Watkins

Ballarat Bookbinding & Specialist Printing
31 Burnbank Street, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 3350.
Ph: +61 03 5339 3355
Fax: +61 03 5339 3600
Mobile: 0438 876 467
Email: ballarat@bookbinding.com.au
Web page: www.bookbinding.com.au

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