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Mid-Life Chrysalis

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Well, here I am, 39 years old, been a web designer for all these last
years, and although I thoroughly love the medium, quite frankly I'm just
getting totally sick and tired of keeping up with the ever-changing nature
of the web world, with it amounting to having to spend the rest of your
life in veritable university, sorta thing, just to keep up. :(

And so I'm considering changing careers -- but to what?

Well, I *love* books and printing and typography and all (as is obvious by
my site, of course), and have taken a little workshop in the past in hand
bookbinding (with Gavin Rookledge, of the UK) and I think that I would love
to do that, and, once I got reasonably good at it, I think I'd be pretty
good at it! But that's just it, of course...

Not to pry into your personal incomes or anything, but just how lucrative
is hand bookbinding -- just something *very* small run out of one's home
(off a table top, sorta thing)? Can one actually make a living from it? Or
is the demand just so incredibly low for this type of work?

I have piles more related questions, but I guess that's a start. ;)


Ron :)

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