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Books on hand bookbinding

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Another related question! ;)

I currently have only two books dealing specifically with the ins and outs
of hand bookbinding (lots on typography, etc., but these are the only two
dealing specifically with the more practical aspects of that particular
area): Manly Banister's "Bookbinding as a Handcraft" and Lionel S. Darley's
"Introduction to Book Binding".

As I mentioned, I already took a little workshop with Gavin Rookledge (who
not only does *beautiful* work, but is quite a unique character, too!<g>),
but I know I only really touched the surface with that.

Are the above books reasonable for reference, to learn by? I may be wrong,
but I seem to recall a thread here years ago where Banister's book was
panned for some reason (my apologies to Mr Banister if I'm wrong about that!).

Is there any book on hand bookbinding which is currently thought of as
"definitive" (in the same way, say, as Bringhurst's "The Elements of
Typographic Style" is pretty well the definitive book on typography)?

Thanks again!

Ron :)

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