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Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit

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Don't spend more than $60 at Half.com or some other vendor; this item has
come way down in price.

My confessional: this item is exactly what got me into bookbinding; it was
given to me as a Christmas present by a friend who knew my love of
antiquarian books (which I sell), and my disappointment in their
too-frequently deteriorated condition. I began with the book that came with
the kit, bought serveral more books and read them all, and earnestly began to
learn the craft of bookrepair, strictly as an amateur. However, I soon
realized the limitations of repairing books without having ever learned how
to bind them. So, I began taking courses at the Center for Book Arts in New
York City (I live just north of Manhattan). I have gotten good enough that a
local bookshop has asked me to repair a few items, and so has my
veterinarian, who has an extensive collection of scarce natural history
volumes. I charge enough to help me pay for my supplies.

Honestly, I don't know why I do this. I work on Wall Street as an analyst for
my "real" job, but spend most of my spare time with antiquarian books. I even
started my own little business, got my tax number, etc. etc. But I don't make
a profit at it since I haven't really committed myself to it as a profession.
As others have said before me, I always seem to find the time buy books, (and
now, repair them) but not enough time to sell them!

Michael Stewart
We Speak Volumes
1630 Prospect Terrace
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 739-9109

- Independent Online Booksellers Association
- The Center for Book Arts

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