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Re: Mid-Life Chrysalis

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In a message dated 8/10/01 11:15:07 AM, ron@PSYMON.COM writes:

> just how lucrative
>is hand bookbinding -- just something *very* small run out of one's home
>(off a table top, sorta thing)? Can one actually make a living from it?
>is the demand just so incredibly low for this type of work?

Ron...Well I can tell you this much. I make a very simple handbound journal:
hinged stab binding, covered in my own handmade paper with matching
flyleaves, bindings embellished with art fibers, charms, beads, findings,
whatever moves me, vellum overlay on the flyleaf computer-printed with a
literary quote. I sell them at art shows and in some shops.  It's been
succesful enough that I'm able to take an early retirement from my job this
year to concentrate solely on my paper/book business. That being said, I have
doubts about whether one could get the price required for a more complex book
on a regular basis. I'm not sure people understand the skill level and work
involved. I chose to "go for the fast nickel instead of the slow dime" in
order to find a way to leave my awful "real" job, but once I'm free to
explore the craft, I will certainly be looking to work on a higher level.
There is certainly a market for fine handbound books, I just imagine it would
be harder to find.

In my exceedingly humble opinion.......


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