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Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit

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     As you know, there's quite a difference between book repairing and
from-scratch book binding. As others have mentioned, it seems as though the
price of the kit you asked about is coming down. However, that kind of
precipitous price drop often indicates a discontinued product, so if you
really do want one, it probably makes sense to pick one up around $30-$40
or so, rather than wait for an absolute bottom.
     If you are seriously interested in traditional binding, however, there
really is no substitute for the "heavy equipment" (or at least "bulky
equipment"), which is required for the job. While large, real binderies
often use presses and and other equipment weighing hundreds of pounds, you
might want to check out the following:


     I'd be curious from other serious binders on the list (I'm certainly
not one of them!) what they think of this kit. From a layman's perspective,
it seems like not a half bad way to start.

 Five Roses Press

                    Ron Koster
                    <ron@PSYMON.C The Booklover's Repair Kit

Okay, now my newbie-ness to this biz will probably be really showing. ;)

Just how silly -- or, alternatively, not silly -- is this item...


...as a quick and easy (and relatively cheap???) way of just getting the
basic necessities for starting up with hand bookbinding (heavy equipment
like a book press and stuff notwithstanding, of course). Is it a good deal,
or is what you get of such limited quality and/or quantity that it's not
really worth it?

Ron 8

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