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A techical question.

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I KNOW this is the right group to ask, so here goes.

I am an amateur bookbinder and book artist.  I love to make books!   I am a
two time attendee of Genie Shenk's wonderful book-art classes at Mesa
College in San Diego....no, I didn't flunk the first time!  She is such a
great teacher that I HAD to take the class again.

Anyway, here is my question:

I am working as an Editorial Advisor for a new multi-media/mixed-media art
magazine that will be out in December. We hope to include many book arts
In fact, there will be a rather large article and photo spread of books from
Genie's 2001 Fall class and other members of the SDBA in our first issue.

One of the things that Genie stresses in her classes is "bookbinding
etiquette" as she call it.  You know, things like "filling in" the inside
cover of a bookboard, making perfect 45% angle cuts at the corners, not
using pencil, standing at the bench when sewing, applying glue to the paper,
as opposed to the board, etc.

Now, with the above things, although these may be the correct way, they are
often things that people take liberties with once they develop their own
"style", shall we say.

As a group of individuals dedicated to making books for fun and profit,
would it bother you if "bookbinding ettiquette" was not alway followed to
the letter?  What if instructions called for applying glue to the board
instead of the paper?  Would that make you cringe and consider the
publication not worthy of your time or money?  Should we include some
standard bookbinding basics in issues that include book projects?  What do
you think?  Who's written the definative book on basic instructions?  Does
such a creature exist?

My goal in this endeavor is to have this be a forum for artists who work in
one medium to perhaps try something new in a different medium, to expand
their creative horizons, and to incorporate them somehow in their art.

 My general feelings are that we should be showing the "right" way to do
something, whatever it is we are doing.  Most of the things I listed above
have good reasons for doing them the standard way, no?

I'd really appreciate some of your expertise here. I'd love to hear your

Kathie Gillaspey
Expression Magazine

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