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Re: Courses in South-Eastern Ontario

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I apologize for being late to this discussion but I only monitor the list
once per day, in the evening.

Ron asked about binding courses, preferably in Ottawa, and was directed to
the Website I maintain for the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
(thank you, Peter ;-)

The Guild offers many workshops of varying lengths and book arts subjects
for those from beginner to expert. Unfortunately for Ron, and others such
as Margaret, most of the workshops are held in Toronto not, as many
Canadians believe, because Torontonians think they live in the
center/centre of the universe (unlike New Yorkers who KNOW they do), but
because those people who are sufficiently knowledgeable and willing to
teach workshops seem to be mainly in the larger cities, such as Toronto.
There are also knowledgeable people in Ottawa, Ron (try the National
Library, National Archives, and the Ottawa College of Art for leads), and
there are certainly knowledgeable people in Montreal too. I don't know the
atelier that Rose suggested but they would certainly be a start. If your
French is good you could contact L'association des reliures du Quebec (if
they still exist).

The workshop information on the CBBAG Website hasn't been updated since May
but I'm sure I'll be receiving the latest list of courses and descriptions
shortly. In the meanwhile, you could phone, fax or e-mail the office
(staffed by part-time volunteers) asking for the latest updates. All
contact info is on the "About" page.

There are also some teachers listed on the site
<http://www.cbbag.ca/EdOps.html> -- though that list hasn't been updated
for a while, and the information is all unverified (ie: supplied by the
individuals). There may be someone close to where you live willing to give
private lessons.

Hope this helps,

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>
Newsletter Editor & Webmaster
The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild:

though I speak only for myself

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