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new books, new site

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hi all!  hope your summer is going swimmingly!

I'm forwarding on some tooknap press news -- I've created a completely
new site at http://www.tooknappress.com  (my glazedglitter address has
expired, but for some reason is still viewable - ??) .  on it are  all new
and all new prices (drastically reduced, priced to move!) -- vintage
hardcover blank books are now $20-$40,
and I've added  softcover books with translucent orange, pink, & red covers
for $7 - $12.

new books will be added as I make 'em, & also a page of DAILY TREATS, which
I'll try to update
on a semi-daily basis.  check back semi-often.

also on the site is a gallery of book art, collage art, & forthcoming is a
web version of the one-a-day mail art project,
which some of you took part in.  (email me your mail address for upcoming
mail art projects!)

please visit - I'm excited for people to see the site -- & feel free to
forward the address to other
friends who might be interested in such things.

thanks!  love!


christine pichini
& of course,
the dog


tooknap press
236 east seventh street #3B
new york, ny 10009

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