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Re: "book etiquette"

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Hi Kathie,
I saw your post on the book arts list and I had to respond.
I've been teaching book & paper arts for a few years now...and in my
experiences everyone seems to do things differently. I always glue paper to
board (putting the PVA onto the board instead of the paper as it is much
easier this way for me and I have never in all of my experiences have had
paper wrinkle, etc.. or any other problems. Wrinkling occurs when one uses
too much adhesive.  There are different ways to miter corners. I seem to do
mine differently than everyone else yet it works-perfect corners every
time. All in all, don't go by what one instructor tells you. The "rules" of
bookbinding are not set in stone. There are guidelines, yes, that should be
followed in order to make a 'proper' book...BUT I think that if you focus
too much on this 'etiquette' business you might scare a lot of people. I
remember the first time I picked up a book on bookbinding, and in blunt
honesty it scared the hell out of me. Keith Smith's books made me want to
cower in the corner and just say "forget it!" not anymore. I've learned.
I've improved. I'm still learning.  Please don't scare people off with
this...it's supposed to be "fun" let's keep it that way.
By the way, I am really looking forward to your new venture!  There is a
need for more book/paper arts magazines out there. I will definetly be
picking up a copy.

Kelly Kilmer
Upcoming classes in So. California, Omaha, NE and New England.

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