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Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit

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At 08:39 AM 8/13/2001 -0400, jane brown wrote:
>As I recall, there was a great deal of discussion about this
>when it first came out.  Check the archives of the list to
>see what was said, but, as I recall, the general consensus
>was that the kit was overpriced for what was received.  However,
>since the price has dropped, maybe the scene has changed.

I've been looking around the 'net for places that sell it, but I can't seem
to find anywhere that has it much cheaper than $90-100 or so. If it's worth
it at the cheaper prices that people mentioned, can anyone point me to
who/where has it at those cheaper prices

I must confess, that although I may just be being naive (as a newbie to
hand bookbinding), it does kind-of look as though with that Bindery In A
Box and this Booklover's Repair Kit, between the two of them I'd be
semi-set-up and pretty well ready to go, I'd just need more of the useable
supplies (i.e. paper, boards, etc.).

Am I being naive? I'm definitely getting rather intrigued with this whole
idea -- but I certainly don't want to waste my money (not to mention the
US-Canadian exchange rate for that Bindery In A Box thing, I'd also be
worried about duty charges!), or buy anything that isn't really worth it.

Thanks again!

Ron :)

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