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Such enthusiasm!

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Dear Ron,

I don't think you're naive, so much as very enthusiastic. If you were naive, you wouldn't be asking good questions. But do remember that the art/craft of bookbinding is a profession for some, and an avocation or hobby for others. Like any profession, it requires a great deal of training, skill, time and resources to achieve the level of a professional. I am only an amateur that was bitten by the binding bug. Some days I think I might enjoy giving up a career as an analyst, and spending my days in a bindery. But I don't easily kid myself that I even know half of what would be involved, although I am gradually learning more and more about it as I take courses and read about the subject. Plus, I haven't been at it long enough to know if my interest will stay strong or wane over time. I wouldn't want to affront those who have dedicated themselves to bookbinding professionally, by presuming to call myself a binder. However, if not for the enthusiasm of individuals like you (and me)!
, not as many people would enter
 the field, would they?

While others might be in a far better position to advise you than me, I could at least suggest that if you haven't done so already, take some (more?) instruction to make sure it is what you wish to do. Or, spend some time visiting a bindery where the staff might be willing to talk with you.

With the best of intentions,
Mike Stewart

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