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Re: Bindary In A Box (was Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit)

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Bindery in a box looks like it has all the necessary mechanical stuff to bind
books. It looks like the binder provides all the necessary hand tools, but
the BIAB looks complete enough. The problems I see are the same as the
problems with the woodworker's Shopsmith - there is down time in converting
from one use to another. You can't use the book press while you use the
plough. For a low volume bindery, putting out one complete book at a time, or
for repairing one book at a time, I think it would be ideal. Or if you are
just getting started, this would, I think, be just the thing. In order to
purchase the indevidual items represented in the box, what would one pay? I,
personally have spent years looking for the aforementioned equipment, and,
though I have spent little money, I have spent years looking for the
aforementioned equipment. What is your time worth?
    I think it would be a good investment fot those just starting out, or for
those who bind on the kitchen table, as I did for years, to the chagrin of my
wife. I think she would have BOUGHT me a set like the Bindery in a box if it
had helped keep the kitchen cleaner and less cluttered.
    I do NOT think it would be a good thing for demonstrating purposes, there
is too much down time - unless you had 2 or 3 boxes.
    We recently went on a 3400 mile driving vacation in our minivan, and boy,
do I wish I could have taken a one box work station with me. I could have
bound books 1/2 way across the USA!


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