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scorer/trimmer machine

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I have recently received a new scorer/trimmer.  It came with no
instructions so I just fiddled around with it for a while.  I MUST be doing
something wrong as it will barely score a lightweight cardboard.  I have to
hold it up to closely inspect where the score line is it is so faint.  I
could not make it work on heavier cardboard as the line was just barely
there and the board bent unevenly.

Does it have an adjustment somewhere?  Did I expect too much?  I am very
disappointed as I was looking forward to making boxes with this thing.

Any advice on its operation would be greatly appreciated.  I hate to send
it back if I can learn to use it properly.  Gosh, you'd think that it would
have at least a small leaflet with it to help us novices.


Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit
San Diego State University Library
and Information Access
San Diego, CA  92182-8050


"Be kind, do your best work, and touch the earth

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