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Bartholomew-Tide Book Arts Fair, August 18th in Queenston, Ontario

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The Papertrail is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming Book
Arts Fair in Queenston, Ontario.
To quote the official announcement for the fair...

"To commemerate the feast day of St. Bartholomew, the parton saint of
the Mackenzie Heritage Printery will host its annual Book Arts Fair and
Printer's Picnic, on Saturday August 18, 2001, in Queenston, at the restored
home of William Lyon Mackenzie, rebel editor and printer.
Artisans will demonstrate their crafts and private press and small press
publishing houses will be represented.
For early printers, Bartholomew-tide was a festival of lights. The 24th of
August celebration marked the time when printers and compositors went back
working long hours by candlelight.
The Mackenzie Batrholomew-tide celebration seeks to continue this ancient
Come to the museum and see a book printed from start to finish! Visitors can
also try their hand at setting type and printing.
The museum is located in historic Queenston, on the scenic parkway midway
between Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake.
Admission for the day will be $1.50 per person."

Over the summer, the museum has had a special display entitled "Paper
covering the manufacture of paper in Canada, in both historical and modern

The show hours are 10am to 4pm.
For more information on the show or the museum, please contact the museum
curator, Kathy Powell, at 905-262-5676, or the printing committee secretary,
Cahill, at 905-682-7203.

The Papertrail will be there with a sale table and demonstrations of
throughout the day.

Queenston is located where Highway 403 and Interstate 190 meet to cross the
Niagara River.

-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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