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Re: Board Shears, Cutters and Boards

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I have the Kutrimmer 1080 <http://www.officezone.com/1080.htm>, with a 32"
cutting length, which I got through Bookmakers. Love it. It's not a
Jacques, which I have at work, but for the amount of binding I do with it,
it's great. I even managed to adjust it to cut square, even the "front
gauge.  I've done several editions of 50 bks with it, used it on most
boards including 98pt (a bit tough, but worked). Another advantage is that
it is easy to transport, and won't break through the floor of a house.

However, there is a problem to consider. The stock sizes of barrier board
(which I like) and matboard board are about  1" to long at the narrow edge.
Hadn't thought that one through. So, I either have to use the straightedge
and utility method for that first cut, or do it at work. Also think about
what else you might be using it for. Cloth, paper,... What are the sizes
you generally cut. They do have one which is 44" long and would be more
versatile. The cost however is more than double ($1400). Mine, the 1080 is
listed at $1000. If you're going to be using it lots Get the most you can

Just some more things to think about.


>I have the Kutrimmer model 1071 which I like very well. I got it from Office
>Zone early this year and have no complaints. It is $629.00 and you can read
>about it here: http://www.officezone.com/1071.htm
>You will be SO happy to graduate from the ol' ruler and X-Acto method!

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