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Re: Board Shears, Cutters and Boards

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>However, there is a problem to consider. The stock sizes of barrier board
>(which I like) and matboard board are about  1" to long at the narrow edge.
>Hadn't thought that one through. So, I either have to use the straightedge
>and utility method for that first cut, or do it at work.

Like Peter I also have a Kutrimmer and have to deal with that extra length
issue.  Rather than upgrade to a Jacques I decided to get a table saw
instead.  The 10" carbide tipped blade can cut through a stack of binders
board (matboard, etc.) as fast as you can feed it.  Using a zero-clearance
insert around the blade and a good fence, the cut is reasonably smooth and
highly accurate.  Great for that "first cut" and for producing large
quantities quickly.  Iconoclastic?

Ken Brownlow
Western North Carolina

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