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Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit

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>>From:    jane brown <brownjm@MUSC.EDU>
>>Subject: Re: The Booklover's Repair Kit

>>As I recall, there was a great deal of discussion about this
>>when it first came out.  Check the archives of the list to
>>see what was said, but, as I recall, the general consensus
>>was that the kit was overpriced for what was received.  However,
>>since the price has dropped, maybe the scene has changed.
>>It was mentioned that the instruction book was written, at
>>least in part by Tim Ely who knows proper procedures.

How's this for a price on a used "The Booklover's Repair Kit"?:

             Estelle Ellis The Booklover's Repair Kit: First Aid for
Home Libraries
             Alfred A. Knopf, New York, USA 2001 This is a brand new
book. The Booklover's
             Repair Kit First Aid for Home Libraries 01 March 2001
Hardback Alfred A. Knopf New
             York, USA ISBN 0375411194 Dimensions in millimetres: 286 x
235 x 102 Dimensions in
             inches: 11.26 x 9.25 x 4.02 By Estelle Ellis . Bookseller
Inventory # 134983B
             Price: US$ 255.50 convert currency
             Presented by The Good Book Store, Wilmington, DE, U.S.A.

Randall Ober
Librarian, Boyce Campus
Community College of Allegheny County

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