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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 13 Aug 2001 to 14 Aug 2001 (#2001-217)

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I completely agree with Peter in recommending the Kutrimmer 1080. I
owned one for about 10 years and loved it. I had no other means of
cutting board so my cutter got plenty of use. It remained square and
sharp, didn't fall through the floor and didn't take up half of my
studio space. I have used the table models made by Kutrimmer and
recommend that you acquire the larger floor model(s) if at all possible.
They are WELL worth the extra money. I have recommended the floor model
Kutrimmer to many students and others and have never heard a complaint.
I would still have my 1982 model if Stella Patri had not made me an
offer I couldn't refuse on her Vaggelli.

Good luck,
Don Glaister

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