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Re: Fore-edge painting jig

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Chris Clarkson designed a three-piece plexiglass support for this purpose,
about 10 or 12 years ago. The main piece is a cradle (looks like the letter
M when seen from one end, but with the left vertical side, or upright,
maybe twice as high as the right vertical side) with the support for the
front board at a steeper angle than that for the back board. The second
piece of plexi is semi-circular (when seen from one end) or,
semi-cylindrical, which sits between the back board and the text block
arching the text block away from the board. The third piece is difficult to
describe but is, in effect, a clamp which runs along the fore-edge of the
front endpaper from head to tail, drops down (at head and tail) and grips
under the main plexi piece, squeezing against the second piece, holding the
fore-edge painting splayed open for display.

This description is probably confusing but, trust me, such a stand has been
constructed and should be difficult to reconstruct. Let me know if I can
confuse you further ;-)


>I recently had a request concerning a stand on which to display fore-edge
>paintings. I have not heard of any, but the artist must have used some kind
>of a clamp to hold the fore-edge in position to paint it.
>Has anyone heard of or seen such a device? Or better yet, know of a supplier?
>Best regards,
>Jeffrey A. Barr
>Curator of Rare Books

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