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Tom, Iris, and Libraries

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Dear friends,

You're invited to visit <http://www.tomphillips.co.uk>, a site dedicated to the works and texts of British artist/writer/composer Tom Phillips.

The site is created in collaboration with Tom, and is updated around the first of each month.  The August 2001 edition features:

- PORTRAITS : IRIS MURDOCH : An extended look at Tom's portrait's of Iris, including studies, photos, and book jackets.

- ESSAY : ON LIBRARIES : Still fuming over "Double Fold"?  Here's Tom's grand essay about his love of libraries, and no librarians are harmed in the process.

- EXHIBITIONS : DULWICH / SOUTH LONDON 1997 : In case you missed our July issue, click through "STILL FRESH" to get to our online exhibition of the 1997 shows.

- HUMUMENT : THE FIRST EDITION, PAGES 271-300 : The set is almost complete!

Next month, we give a listen to Tom's musical works, and catch up with new public works in the streets of Peckham.

Best wishes, John Nick Pull <john@tomphillips.co.uk>

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