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Photographing FRAGILE & rare BOOKS - Use of Digital Cameras

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Olivia Hibel sent:
>  Date:    Mon, 20 Aug 2001 00:07:30 -0400
>  Would members who have experience photographing fragile antiquarian books
>  kindly give me some tips on how to safely do this?  Digital okay? Or must it
>  be 32mm? These photos are for reproduction in a fine magazine, to accompany
>  an article about a book collection.
>  How does one hold such a book open in order to photograph pages?  Do hands
>  holding books open get retouched out of the picture?
>     Any advice would be appreciated.

The following Web site describes the copying of old and antiquarian books by
digital camera.  The technique is being used to recognise the text


The images show the book is just laid carefully on the platen.


Rodney Fry

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