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Color & Light

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The current atrium exhibit at Florida Atlantic University's Arthur and
Mata Jaffe Book Arts Collection is &quot;Color &amp; Light,&quot;
honoring the vision of Mata Barrack Jaffe. The exhibit features bookworks
by the likes of Leonard Baskin, Mare Blocker, Tim Ely, Warja Lavater and
many other book artists.<br>
The Atrium Gallery is accessible during regular library hours, but it's
best to make an appointment to see the rest of the Jaffe Collection.
Contact the Jaffe Collection at 561 297 0226, or email
<div align="center">
<i>&quot;With Mata came color &amp; light to the collection.&quot;<br>
</i>--Arthur Jaffe<br>
Mata Jaffe<br>
1936 - 2001<br>
John Cutrone<br>
The Arthur and Mata Jaffe Collection<br>
Florida Atlantic University Libraries<br>
777 Glades Road<br>
Boca Raton, Florida 33431<br>

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