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call for submissions: Metal Books

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We are currently accepting submissions for the fourth issue of dog
eared magazine, a journal of book arts. Issue Four is themed "Metal"
but all sorts of artists' books and how to articles are always
welcome. We'll give special consideration, of course, to books and
articles that follow the theme of "Metal."

We're looking for how-to articles, articles about how or why you
created particular books, articles about particular metal artists'
books, as well as lots and lots of actual books to show off in our
pages. Books that relate to metal can be made from actual metals,
wire, mesh, or can make use of metallic paints, pencils, inks, pens,
or can even be bound using metal objects, such as nuts and bolts,
screws, nails, even paper clips!

We're also always seeking reviews, articles about good stores, events
and shows you've seen, articles about page and cover treatments, and
short bursts of information and inspiration for the book artist.

If you're interested in writing an article, please send us a query
letter first. In your query letter, give us a short explanation of
your article idea, and please state whether you'll be supplying
illustrations or diagrams, and if you are, please include a sample.
Your query letter should be a reflection of your writing abilities,
so please plan your query carefully. If your idea fits into our
editorial ideas, we'll send you an inventory sheet to use to make
your submission, as well as a contract and more specific guidelines.
(And yes, we do pay a small fee for articles.)

Artwork can be submitted at any time.  Color photocopies, color
photographs, and digital submissions are all welcome. (Please email
me first, before making a digital submission, so we can arrange for
it and let you know the resolution we need.)

Our deadlines are:

Issue Four: Metal. Books that use metal in some way in their
construction or content, especially books whose content relies on the
use of metal. Short or in depth articles about how a certain book was
made, how to articles, sample art books, and short artist's
statements are welcome.

Metal Deadlines
Article Queries: August 25
Articles: September 15
Artwork: September 15

If you'd like to see more information about dog eared magazine,
please visit our web page, at http://www.dogearedmagazine.com

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested,
or repost this online. Thank you!

Kerrie Carbary
Editor and Publisher
dog eared magazine

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