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Re: Plastic Covers

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 You raise an interesting question, Kay, about the long range propects for
tyvek.  I am sure there have been aging tests done on it, but, in my opinion,
the stuff is just too new to know.  The proof is in the future.   For just
that reason I have refrained from using tyvek as a repair material, though
our library also uses tyvek envelopes as a storage enclosure, though not for
rare materials.
   I might suggest a practice I use here for in-house clam shell boxes.   I
have put ADA strips into several clam shell boxes throughout our rare books
storage area and check them annually.  So far they have changed color a
little (this is going on the third year) but none have altered
significantly.  You might try putting a strip and in a tyvek envelope in your
storage area to monitor.  Of course, it could well be that if the tyvek
starts to shift chemically it is in a way the strip won't register, but it
would at least let you know if it is producing a known hazard.   Perhaps
someone else on the list has a better idea about monitoring tyvek?
  Best regards,
   Dorothy Africa

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