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Academic Traditions Reinstated at BSU

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I know you will be as pleased as I to learn that I will be sponsoring an =
on-campus panty raid August 28th.

Students in my E-309 Introduction to Book Arts Class (Tuesday night, Aug =
28th, 6-9pm in the Boise State University Liberal Arts Bldg., Rm. 103) =
will be allowed to submit their (clean) panties to me for transmittal on =
the 30th to Idaho Master Papermaker Tom Bennick in Mountain Home, Idaho.  =
Bennick and I will proceed to pulp the pants off these panties to make =
pulp for "Panty Paper" at a papermaking workshop Bennick will be giving =
for my students at Bennick's Mountain Home studio the 11th of September =
(6-8pm). Students will make sheets of Panty Paper at that time, suitable =
for all-occasion wear.  You and your panties are invited.

Tom Trusky, Director
Hemingway Western Studies Center and
Professor of English
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID  83725
(208) 426-1999 tel
(208) 426-4373 fax

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