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Re: Book Art vs. Book Arts

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I hate elitism, but one has only to look at the current crafts scene in =
the U.S.  It has been swamped by "hotglue crafters" who stick a bow on a =
prefabricated teddy bear and think they have made something wonderful.  =
Craft items of all types are often copied by Chinese manufacturers who =
sell cheaper and more cheaply made versions.  These practices have damaged =
the credibility of real crafters who have spent years perfecting their art =
and have something really special to offer the public.  Large segments of =
the population expects cheap imports or a clock glued onto a tree stump =
slice, not an original piece or style of work which costs what it's worth.

Having said that, I do believe bookbinding is too difficult and time =
consuming, and requires too much investment for the hotglue set.  Anyone =
who indulges in bookbinding for more than one attempt should be respected =
for their patience and persistence.  But yes, we hope that anyone who goes =
out to sell their wares will have high-quality books to offer, and sell =
them at a reasonable price.

--Diane Westerfield
  Bindery/Preservation Coordinator
  Loyola University Chicago

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