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Re: Book Art vs. Book Arts

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The discussion, I notice, is getting heated. Interesting.

Book Art, no S, is an all-around bad term, I think. There are so many
aspects to the Book Arts--printing, binding, papermaking, paper decoration,
paper mechanics--that it deserves an S. All of these separate disciplines
are, in fact, Craft based, so why distance yourself from it? Art is a whole
nother kettle of fish, and artists would probably be happier painting
primary color rectangles on canvas than trying to stretch the definition of
a craft such as ours into something it's not.

Like my grandfather used to say: "You can lead a horse to water, but in the
end it's still a horse." No, he never said that. Embrace your Craftness,
fellow makers of books!

John Cutrone
Letterpress printer, bookbinder, rubberstamp user, populist

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