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Online & travelling exhibition of bookbindings

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Results from the Society of Bookbinders' "Bookbinding Competition: 2001"
have been posted. The SoB's Biennial Conference was held this summer at
Homerton College in Cambridge, England. The competition drew 39 entries
from 30 binders the United Kingdom, 1 from Australia, and the 2 from the
USA. The categories of bindings are: Fine Binding; Complete Book; Cased
Binding; and, Restored/Conserved Binding.

In addition to the winning entries being exhibited during the Conference
(19th - 22nd July), they will travel to the following venues in England:

          The Picton Library, Liverpool: 23 July-12 August;
          George Bayntun's Bookshop, Manvers Street, Bath: 14-30 August;
          The Barbican Library, London: 1-29 September

The full results, competition organizer's report, and pictures with
descriptions of the winning entries from this year's competition may be
viewed at:
http://www.societyofbookbinders.com/events/events_frames.html (click on
Bookbinding Competition: 2001)

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas, USA
J'ai obtenu les utiles de reliure pour mon mari -- c'était le meilleur
échange jamais accompli!

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