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Re: Book Art vs. Book Arts

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Am following this discussion with interest, as a bookseller I came to
bookbinding as it seemed to be an area that I could learn more about my
trade - was exceptionally lucky to take classes from Hubert Leur, before he
retired. It was like moving back in time and I always had a great sense of
peace working with him - that sounds strange, but compared to the hustle of
the rest of the week - it was special.  He is one of the best  'teachers' I
have ever had - he shared information, and where has that taken me?
In the bookstore I can demonstrate how a book 'works' - using the telephone
book, show a client the importance of grain, and they almost always go away
with  a better appreciation of the book in their bag.
I also belong to a Graphics line, part of the DigitalEve web network - where
similar topics are discussed value your input - it's great

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