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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 24 Aug 2001 to 25 Aug 2001 (#2001-227)

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On the topic of "book art v. book arts" and the art discussion in general.

Each piece of work must stand on its own and be taken on its own merit.. no matter
what it's made of, no matter whether its creator went to school or not, whether
it's part of a 'movement', whether it's considered an 'art' or a 'craft', or any
other lines we care to draw.

What one must say when seeing art: do I like it?  does it work as a piece?  The
work is meant to communicate with you in some way.  I think over-intellectualising,
distances one from the most important things about art, which is contact between
the artist and the one who's experiencing it.

Robin T

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