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Re: Digital Camera Choice?

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I have the Nikon 990 also. In many ways it is a great camera and I have been
able to get the shots I need for printed pieces. Not without effort though.
The main difficulty is achieving sharp focus. The depth of field is quite
shallow. Smaller F-stop gives greater depth of field but the smallest
possible is 9.8. I think this is pretty common for digitals but can only say
for sure for my camera.

A careful look at Mark's images will reveal the sharpness and depth of field
problems in some shots. Other shot show that you can work around these

In general, I've found getting shots that are professional enough requires
sustained effort and attention to detail on my part. Big surprise.

The biggest improvements came after I bought some professional lighting and
set up a shadowless shooting station (another $800). Worth every penny. I've
only updated a few of my web images (everything else in a massive site
remake) but if you look around you should be able to see the difference.
Check the journal gallery pages.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

phone: (510) 537-9711
toll free: (877) 443-7326

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