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Re: Digital Camera Choice?

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>I've been told that using "strobe" lighting makes a big difference.

A strobe is probably good but I thought it would be more demanding
technically and so I opted for tungsten hot lights--always on, I can see
what I'm going to shoot. In my studio I can shut out daylight and so the
camera can do a good job color balance for the tungsten. If I don't shut out
daylight, the camera can't compensate for all the different colored light
and I get a mess.

Strobe lighting may not be that difficult but I was going for the shortest
learning curve and figured hot lights would fit that bill.

I also bought tungsten slide film and shot slides at the same time for the
times when a digital shot just won't cut it (or for submissions).

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

phone: (510) 537-9711
toll free: (877) 443-7326

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