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Conduit to the Mainstream

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I wanted to pass this link along to the list on the chance that there are
any Native American artists or others on the list who would like to
contribute their comments to the discussion.

"Conduit to the Mainstream" is a national symposium hosted by Crow's Shadow
Institute of the Arts that is bringing nationally recognized Native American
artists and master printers, curators and educators from across the country
to the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Eastern Oregon Sept. 7-9, 2001 to
discuss strategies for helping Native artists connect with and thrive in the
mainstream art world.

Crow's Shadow is a non-profit arts facility that houses Crow's Shadow Press,
which publishes prints and artists books in collaboration with a diverse
range of emerging and established artists from the reservation and around
the world. They have published several print editions over the past 8 years
with invited master printers from across the country and recently received
funding and hired a full time resident Tamarind trained master printer who
will arrive in September.

You can learn more about Crow's Shadow and the "Conduit to the Mainstream"
symposium and submit your comments or questions for the symposium
participants on-line  http://www.crowsshadow.org There is a very short list
of questions posted there for your consideration.

They would especially like to hear from people who curate artist's book
collections and jury work into exhibitions.

Best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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