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Central New York Book Arts: Traditional to Innovative || Catalog Available

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Central New York  Book Arts: Traditional to Innovative

This exhibition features the work of artists and craftsmen working in this
region or with strong roots here as evidenced by their studies and earlier
productive residences here. Recent years have seen an influx of book
artists moving to out, as well as an increase in the in the teaching of the
book arts in our schools and universities. This is in addition to the book
artists and binders employed in the conservation and preservation fields or
teaching in art programs. The result of this can be seen by the inclusion
of work by current students and recent graduates from Syracuse and Cornell
Universities. Central New York can also take pride in three very strong
book arts centers as well: the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, the
Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, the Wells College Book Arts Center in

Central New York Book Arts: Traditional to Innovative represents the rich
diversity present in the book arts today. Works shown encompass traditional
binding structures in paper, cloth, leather and parchment; traditional fine
press editions; and artist's books in a wide variety of formats. Also
included are some fine examples of the art of printmaking. While many of
the items are clearly identifiable as books in the traditional sense,
numerous pieces in the exhibition break from that mold, challenging the
definition of "what is a book." Though much discussed, this issue will
never be resolved; it is up to the viewer to decide and enjoy the
exhibition. This exhibition should also help dispel the notion that the
book arts are a lost and dying art. If anything, they are more alive,
diverse, and vibrant than ever.

The Artists:
Leigh Adamson, Brad Benedict, Velma Bolyard,  Nancy Callahan, Nancy
Chalker-Tennant, Samantha Couture, Thorsten Dennerline, Elaine Downing,
Melanie Hershberger, Beverly Hettig, KAKE Productions: Ann Kalmbach &
Tatana Kellner, Stacey Kirby, Barbara Kretzmann, Gwen Miller, Sarah
Provoncha,        John T. Pusateri, Jr.,  Andrea Reithmayr, Bertha Rogers,
Gregory Santos, Susan Joy Share, Laurie Snyder, Amy Stecher, and Peter

The exhibition is on display at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center
<http://www.cayuganet.org/smac/index.html>, Auburn, NY from September 1
through October 28, 2001.

A fully illustrated catalog in postcard format is available for $15 + s/h.
The fully illustrated catalog features 29 postcards housed in a portfolio.
For more information go to the order form at <http://www.philobiblon.com/>.
Just follow the Central New York Book Arts link.

Peter D. Verheyen

Philobiblon: Book Arts, Different By Design
Hand Binding, Conservation, and Project Websites
Peter D. Verheyen

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