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Re: Book Art vs. Book Arts

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"Do you consider yourself to be anti-communist?
Anti-Stalinist? Feel that I'm a pinko? Anti-American? Consider
it trivial that Clement Greene's vicious attacks on certain artists
destroyed their careers and, it is said, caused some to commit suicide?"

"These are not questions. This is a senseless and aimless
diatribe, a car wreck of a paragraph, with question marks for skid marks,
or, maybe a car crash filmsplice cut from some noire-ish sixties film. It
does have a faint, nostalgic, charm, but, in any case, it is not rational

Just to say that they are in fact questions, that the diatribe posesses both
sense and aim, that the metaphors may create an atmosphere but detract from
the rationality of the argument, and that, although it might be mistaken - I
express no view - the preceding quotation does amount to a rational


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