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Re: MOMA and book arts (reply)

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 Louise Neaderland wrote:

>MOMA has a huge and various book arts collection, as well
>as having acquired the entire Franklin Furnace archive. LN

Please identify the department that houses the "huge and various book arts
collection." I will make time next week to go view it!

I haven't seen or heard of it. I know they have the Louis Stern collection of
Livres d'Art (books illustrated by famous painters or sculptors), but I am
unaware of a collection of Book Art (as pertains to this list).  An anecdote
about that collection:

In 1969 I made an appointment to examine the Louis Stern collection at the MOMA
library. It is a wonderful collection of Voillard-type illustrated books. But I
noticed they all had glassine wrapped around them, and where the glassine was in
contact with the endpaper or title page, the paper had browned. I pointed this
out to the librarian, and told her that the glassine must not be acid free, and
the glassines all should be changed.  I never went back there, so I don't know
if she got it. It was really disappointing to see such an astounding collection
destroyed by incompetence.

I searched their catalog for important works of book art, by artists like Stella
Waitzkin, Barton Benes, Marty Greenbaum, Hedi Kyle, Gary Frost, Gérard
Charrière,  Richard Minsky, Tom Phillips, Jean de Gonet, etc.  There is a Benes
book in the FF collection, but the other artists I have named, whom I consider
seminal to the book art movement, are represented only by a few catalogs in the



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