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Pop-up Book Production

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I'm a graphic designer working on my first pop-up piece, a catalog for
an exhibition by the Thai artists' collective Nuts Society. The catalog
is a tri-fold folder with a saddle-stitched booklet and a single pop-up
showing the exhibition site. We're printing 500 catalogs; the pop-ups
will be assembled and attached to the folder by volunteers from the art

The printer has suggested using double-stick tape for assembly (I've
left 3/4" tabs). I'm looking for advice on the best way to assemble the
pop-up in regards to ease of assembly (remember, these are untrained
volunteers!) and permanence. I know 3M makes some doublestick tape which
is very thin, very tacky & can be applied with a tape gun. Also, do I
need to keep ink off of the areas to be taped? Any other advice for a
novice re: pop-up production would be appreciated.

Scott Bruno

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